About Us

As the page says, I would like to write something about the authors of this blog. Firstly, get this, this blog is purely created for entertainment purpose and we mean no harm to anybody.

We started this blog back in Feb 2011, now, when I say WE, it mean we are four friends working together during day and during our free time, trying to explore various doors and understanding the power of web through blogging. We do have many more upcoming blogs, but more information on that later.

We decided to start this blog after reading an article in local newspaper which mentioned about a movie called "Sheetalbhabhi.com", lucky for us, the domain was available, I mean how can someday decide to make a movie with a title called Sheetalbhabhi.com and not capture the domain beforehand ? I guess someone who has never seen the power of web.

We got the domain and we weren't sure on the content, with power of favorite search engine Google, we got loads and loads of information and the same has been placed in our blog.

Once we started getting some number of hits, we knew there are people out there and they do enjoy a little semi-adult kind of information. So whenever, we boys get any time, we start updating this blog with some new content something fresh in out industry.

Some of you out there may not like it or might get offended, but guys aren't there worse things out there, hence take some time off and enjoy life in whatever weird way you want to.

I would like to Thank to all our fans out there who visited our blog and kept visiting thus making it popular.