Saturday, 21 April 2012

Paoli Dam: Hate story - Not an erotica!

Hate Story uses lovemaking as its potent tool and there's sufficient skin on show though in sync with the story. As lust takes over love, the aesthetic intimacy is taken over by kinky and sleazy sessions. Though the pacing drops in second half, the overall editing is efficient. However better dialogues could have added to the drama.

From the beginning the makers of Hate Story promoted the film as an erotic revenge thriller with bareback posters and an explosive trailer which was a mishmash of the film's most racy scenes. Though the film has ample shots of lovemaking but barely measures up to the hype it created. The erotic moments in the film are destroyed by poor acting, comically outdated lines and heavy breathing.

The story begins with newspaper reporter Kavya (Paoli Dam) exposing a big scam of a cement company. The company’s owner gives his son (Gulshan Devaiah), who also happens to the MD of the company, 12 hours to fix things. Gulshan manages to convince the CEO of the firm to take the blame. Meanwhile, he befriends Kavya, offers her a lucrative post in his firm and seduces her to sleep with him. Once the job is done, he humiliates Kavya and fires her from the job.

Damsel seeks revenge and for some reason takes up the profession of a prostitute to get to her enemy. No logic given behind the sudden transformation, but Kavya decides that sleeping with important men is the only way to get through her ultimate enemy, Devaiah.

Even though revenge sagas are not new to Hindi cinema, the premise still held some promise. But sadly due to a weak and prolonging script, the viewers are left bored. For those who are eager to know about whether there are bold scenes or not, well, most scenes are just merely suggestive. There is lot panting, sighing, huffing which just plain suggests lot of action between the sheets but that’s all.

Hate Story works partly because of its bold heroine and partly because it really is an interesting thriller that keeps you hooked till the clumsy end. But it could have been so much more had the script been more cohesive.

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