Saturday, 17 March 2012

Over 71,000 proposals for Veena Malik

Who is Veena Malik ?

Veena Malik is an actress and model from Pakistan. Malik has since established herself as a leading actress of Urdu cinema. She is also known for her various social causes, most notably as a representative of the World Health Organization. There may be very few people who are actually aware of the impact that Veena has made in their lives. The woman has done everything right to gradually inject her with a drug that has made us so obsessed with her. She may be slight over-weight, she may not be the prettiest chick on the block, but she has definitely become an integral part of our daily lives as per her fan in pakistan.

People who prefer to dwell in denial can keep doing so, but the fact of the situation can hardly be argued with. Veena has become one of the most popular celebrities in Pakistan.

Swayamvar Season 4 – Veena Ka Vivaah

Pakistani starlet Veena Malik, who became famous post her stint on the controversial Bigg Boss 4, is now gearing up for Swayamvar Season 4 – Veena Ka Vivaah. In fact, she has set a record of sorts by garnering the maximum number of entries (71,240) for the reality show on Imagine TV, bypassing earlier celebs Rakhi Sawant (30,000), Rahul Mahajan (43,000) and Ratan Rajput (54,000).

And while a number of ‘applicants’ are from India, Pakistan and the UK and US, the starlet has also received entries from Poland. An excited Veena says, “I am overwhelmed by the response, but was thrilled that the maximum number of entries were from India.”  Delhi, Haryana, NCR, Moradabad, Uttarakhand are the front-runners with 41% of the entries coming from these areas.

Mumbai and Pune follow at 38%. The show also received over 600 international entries, with 39% applications from Pakistan and the rest from Saudi Arabia, UK, USA, Poland, New Zealand, Bahrain and Nepal.

“I knew that guys serious about getting married would send in their profiles, but over 71,000 is a number beyond my expectations. And though I was expecting entries from the UK, US, India and Pakistan, I found it surprising to see a large number of entries from Poland,” Veena says, adding, “I think Pakistani and Indian girls are famous for their beauty, family values and tradition, which is why even guys from Poland are interested.”

The show’s production team screened the entries and brought them down to 116. Veena then picked the top 40. She complains, “Choosing the 16 finalists is giving me sleepless nights.”

Veena will get Rs 3 cr for being on the show and an dditional Rs 1.5cr if she gets married. “I want to grow old with my husband. I want a soul mate.”

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