Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sizzling Bipasha back in Raaz 3: 3D

Seems like the Bhatts are busy these days shooting for sequels. The director is very confident and has choked out the entire plan for this concerned film. He plans to start shooting for this film in the beginning of next year and expects it to be released in the mid year.

“The filming of Raaz 3 begins on 15th January... releases on July 6th 2012!” There are reports that this film will star the hit pair of Murder2, which is Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi, who happens to be a close link of Bhatt camp, and actress Jacqueline Fernandez. It is interesting to note that Bombshell Bipasha Basu will also team up all over gain with Bhatt camp with this film.

Bipasha initiated her acting career with Jism but she entered into a tussle with Bhatt camp when she refused to do a lead role in Murder2. Vikram Bhatt further wrote, “So it official now.. the cast of Raaz 3 - Emraan, Jacqueline and ... Bipasha Basu”.

Well, the movie will surely turn out a sensation with the sexy trio! This will be the first time when Emraan Hashmii will be paired with Bipasha Basu. When the leads are Emraan and Bipasha some real steamy scenes will be expected.

The film has been written by Shagufta Rafique. “It is a brave script which explores the horrors of the human heart,” Bhatt tweeted.
Bhatt also tweeted, “My daughter Shaheen begins her journey as an assistant with Vikram Bhatt who was once my assistant!”

Emraan Hashmi, who is currently shooting for Raaz 3, has requested his filmmaker-uncle Mahesh Bhatt to stay away from the sets of the production, while the film’s climax scene is being shot.

“I did not refuse to work with Emraan. It is just that I couldn’t work with him earlier. He was really young and I saw him when he was 18, as an assistant director on ‘Raaz’. When we were approached for a film, I looked way older than him because of my weight. Today, I look younger than I looked then,” Bipasha said. - The Movie (2011) - Release and Reviews

There’s a new bhabhi in town and her name is “SHEETAL Bhabhi”.  This is a new age bhabhi, she is smart and aware of the 21st century and how things run in today’s world and hence the name of the movie is
SHEETALBHABHI.COM hindi movie released on 27th May 2011 casting Heena Rehman, Jatin Garewal, Mona Lisa. The genre of the movie is Comedy/Drama. is the new hindi movie lead character of Sheetal aka Savita Bhabhi is played by Heena Rehman. Since the announcement of the movie Heena Rehman is among top celebrity search on Google. Heena is our new Savita Bhabhi in bollywood.

A year ago, Savita Bhabhi entered the internet domain, as the first Indian adult themed fictional story. The comic book gained underground adulation, until it became brazen enough to use characters similar to real life, and was promptly banned.

The movie stars Jatin Garewal, Mona Lisa and Heena Rehman. Everything about the movie right now seems inspired from the original, cult Savita Bhabhi series. Even the storyline seems apt for another issue of the comic book – which unfortunately is no longer available to Indians.

The movie reminds one of the B grade movies that were ‘so bad that they were good’ from the nineties. The production values the sets, even the makeup of the main characters seem to be made in house. The sets seem to be rented flats somewhere outside Mumbai suburbs, and we dare not think about what kind of songs this movie would have.

So all you bhabhi fans out there, its time you get your groove on and hit the theater near you and enjoy the naughty and saucy bhabhi.

Want more of Sheetal Bhabhi ? Click Here the movie. is an upcoming movie inspired by the famous indian website

Produced & Directed  - CM Jain.
* ing
Heena Rehman as Sheetal, (‘Movie - I Am Proud To Be An Indian’)
Jatin Grewal as her husband. ('Movie - Rahul').
Along with Shakti Kapoor and Vikas Kalantri in pivotal roles.

Plot :
Sheetal (Heena Rehman) flirts with her husband (Jatin Grewal's) friends. His friends try to woo her, and she encourages them so as to get their money. The entire things is planned by the couple itself, to avenge their friends.

Note :“It is a comedy. There is nothing pornographic or sleazy in the film. The motif of a woman obsessively seducing men will be writ large, but there is nothing vulgar in the film,” Jain said.

Heena Rehman face of