Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sunny Leone: Who?

Sunny Leone is an Indo-Canadian pornographic actress, actress, businesswoman and model. She was named Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2003 and was a contract star for Vivid Entertainment. Named by Maxim as one of the 12 top porn stars in 2010, she has also played roles in independent mainstream films and television shows.

Is he apprehensive about negative reactions from the audience about casting a porn star? "Those who give business to the sex industry also condemn it. The people who ridicule a porn star would not be brave enough to admit that they themselves have an insatiable appetite for porn. Otherwise, how can it become a hundred billion dollar industry? I was 11 or 12 when I learnt about the female anatomy through dirty pictures that made their way to school. But today, kids are introduced to porn much earlier; we know what parents got through," he says, adding, "We are living in the age of test tube babies, wombs on rent and sperm donation. I think the idea of looking down upon a porn star is passe; it needs to be junked into the dustbin of history. The truth is that people watch Sunny every day on a TV show and she is a part of our household now."

And why is he considering Sunny? "Bold entertainers have always caught my imagination because I feel that life is not what it appears to be for them. The struggle they go through is what made me choose Sunny. Beyond the glamour of the porn star, there is her dark, painful journey - that's what I want to explore, provided Sunny allows me to. But the movie will not be her autobiography. Sunny is of Indian origin and looks decent to me, but there is a residue of the struggle which is also visible, and that is true for every entertainer, not just a porn star. If she has shed her clothes and entertained people through porn movies, she has also shed her inhibitions. But to shed your clothes is one thing, and to allow people to access your inner being is something else.

Imagine the response if a dark-skinned Indian woman who had acted in porn films had gone to the Bigg Boss house instead of an Indo-Canadian porn actress.

Would she have got millions of hits like Leone's Web site is apparently receiving now?

When Laxmi, a transvestite, was a guest in the Bigg Boss house, some housemates claimed they felt uncomfortable with her presence.

To those of us in news business (especially online), she has become a hot property. No matter if you have stories on breakthrough in blast cases, fears about an imminent dam collapse, Parliament logjam over FDI in retail which politicians say will drive general stores in your neighbourhood out of business, what’s surely clicking is Sunny Leone (or for that matter a song named ‘Kolaveri Di’, which too has become a rage in the country, and of course Salman Khan).

What is it that the news story on Sunny Leone tells readers about and one on bomb blasts probe breakthrough does not? To me, nothing!

Does this highlight most people on the Internet are looking for titillation and similar stuff. Is that why porn sites are more popular than anything else on the Web? Is the ‘web of sex’ more powerful than anything else online? Ask those who always search on Google ‘safe search off’ mode!

Or is it that the Internet, at least in India, is still the best ‘private’ medium to satisfy your sexual instincts.

If we go by rough estimates (no latest official data is available), at least 40% of Internet is porn. And this year .XXX domains went up for sale.

Probably that is the reason why the porn star has set the Web (Internet) on fire. She is trending on Google, and entertainment websites (and news ones too) are splashing news about every move of hers - the pole dance, whether she has revealed her status or not, what she eats, what she says etc etc.

With adult TV banned in India, sale of pornographic magazines illegal, and no safe ‘sex districts’, online porn has emerged as one sure shot way to find whatever you want to see. And Sunny Leone’s ‘Bigg Boss’ avatar that paved her way into the mainstream has brought ‘porn stars’ to the headlines.

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