Saturday, 17 March 2012

Jism 2: Who is this Mystery Girl ?

With Jism for title, it's rather easy to guess what to expect in the film, isn't it?

Upping the titillation quotient, the sequel will now feature porn star Sunny Leone in the lead role.

But before they actually sign the Bigg Boss evictee, producer-director Pooja Bhatt has shot a poster for Jism 2 with a mysterious girl in the nude.

"Sensuality is how you see things," Pooja Bhatt says, likening the poster to a 'piece of art.'

Can nudity be celebrated as beauty or erotica? Pooja answers, "Each person views things differently. Maybe there's nudity or lack of it. Some people are referring to the poster as sensual. I would like to believe it is."

The nation was definitely awaiting for this surprise ever since porn star Sunny Leone got evicted from the Bigg Boss 5 house. Finally, the poster of the Bhatt's Jism 2 has been released. While TOI claims that speculation is rife about the starring of Indo-Canadian Sunny in the flick, Pooja Bhatt is still shying away to reveal out the secret.

During Sunny's stay in the Bigg Boss house, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt had visited the house in order to sign Sunny for the film. In fact he was waiting for Sunny's eviction from the show, so that he could start up with his Jism 2 project with her. Even Sunny after her eviction revealed her dream and desire to make her Bolllywood debut in Jism 2.

But smart Bhatt girl, Pooja is definitely against letting out the secret. "I ain't letting my secret out.” And as far as the poster goes, Pooja says that since there was so much speculation, they decided to put a little teaser in place. Another surprise in film is that it would cast two male actors.

"I will announce whether Sunny Leone is in the movie or not, but until then, keep guessing," Pooja told

Mahesh Bhatt had offered the movie to Sunny while she was participating in the reality show Bigg Boss 5.

Meanwhile, Pooja said she was happy that a saucy poster of Jism 2 has been well received.

"I am glad that curiosity has increased so soon. I assure you, we will take this curiosity to the peak. I will not let the heat die down because Jism 2 is going to create a lot more 'jadoo' and lot more 'nasha'," Pooja added.

She also said Jism 2 will be totally different from the previous movie.

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